Photo Album

Hall of Famers 2017

Gym filled with families sitting at tables
Families sitting at tables in dark gym
Man holding girl's Hall of Famer certificate
Man and woman posing with boy holding certificate
Man and woman posing with girl holding certificate next to table
Man holding Hall of Famers certificate with girl
Man posing with girl holding certificate
Man holding boy's Hall of Famers certificate
Families serving food from stations and waiting in line
Pastel flowers centerpiece
Line of people serving themselves from food station
Trays of cassava, sweet plantains, and shredded pork
Families getting up from tables to get food in gym
Orange and green balloon display
Families lined up for beverage station in gym
Families lined up around gym
Hall of Famers table with bright flower centerpiece
2 women behind food station
Trays of rice and meat
2 women working food station on edge of gym
Orange and yellow balloon display at back of stage
Tall flower centerpiece in white vase
Families waiting around food and beverage stations in corner of gym
Man reaching into box behind beverage station
Trays of food on long and circle tables
Flowers on table
Families standing around tables in gym
Hall of Famers table
Families waiting and sitting at tables in gym
Families going through beverage station in gym