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Stress Relief

UCEA table with magazines and spa materials
Stress relief UCEA booth
2 women posing in front of UCEA booth
Woman posing in front of UCEA stress relief booth
Woman standing in corner of cafeteria
Breakfast food set up on cafeteria table
Woman using handheld fan in corner of cafeteria
Cafeteria ready with food for workshop
Parents watching woman use handheld fan
Women in cafeteria practicing yoga
Woman spinning handheld fan in corner of cafeteria
Parents sitting at tables watching woman in corner
Woman practicing yoga in corner of cafeteria
Woman extending arm with handheld fan
Students standing around cafeteria tables
Woman extending arm with handheld fan
Woman holding ball to stomach while parents watch
Woman holding up ball
Standing woman using ball as weight
Families scattered across cafeteria tables
Woman holding ball in cafeteria with green balloon decoration
Man speaking to parents next to line of students standing
Man facing seated parents speaking into microphone
Line of parents in cafeteria raising their hands
Woman extending arms and other woman holding phone
Parents at cafeteria table looking right
Row students standing opposite parents sitting at tables
Families sitting at cafeteria tables
Parents sitting at tables with papers
Woman standing and raising her hands palms up
Woman in tree yoga pose in corner of cafeteria
Parents watching presentation in cafeteria
Parents inside hydroponics center
Students handing out bags of lettuce to parents
Parents holding ziplock bags of lettuce
Parents walking through hallway with students handing out harvest
Woman and little girl looking at tall indoor plant
Parents looking at different hydroponics plants
Parents at the front of the hydroponics center
Parents walking through hydroponics center
Parents looking at hydroponic plants and saplings
Parents looking in baskets of harvested plants
Parents in hydroponics center looking towards plants
Parents and students standing under cherry blossom tree
Community garden with growing saplings
Parents walking through community garden
Women walking through community garden
Parents looking at different plants in community garden
Families looking at plants in community garden
Families walking under cherry blossom tree in community garden