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Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Parents eating breakfast at cafeteria tables
Parents sitting at cafeteria tables facing left
Breakfast food on plastic plate and coffee
Mother holding magazine and chocolate prizes
2 women posing in front of purple booth
Man speaking into microphone next to police officer
Police officer speaking into microphone next to man
Drug information booth
UCEA table with chocolate
What you need to know about drugs sign on wall
Purple and silver balloons on table with fruit and pastries
Table with yogurt parfaits and pastries
Table with bagels and spreads
Table with hot breakfast foods
Table with different snacks and foods
Older man and young girl eating breakfast
2 women presenting next to projector
Parents sitting in cafeteria watching presentation
5 teachers and 2 cops posing in front of UCEA booth
Parents eating breakfast listening to man speak
Woman and young girl eating breakfast