Photo Album

We all Shine Poster Display of the students
Emerson Bilingual Teachers
bilingual teacher with selected students in their cultural costume and flags
Dean Valera with three dominican students
Mrs. Ramirez and aide with her class all wearing black hispanic pride shirts
Vp Abbato with Principal Aleman and several students dressed in their folk attire
students in the cafeteria listening to Mrs. Rojas reading a poem
Emerson Bilingual Teachers
Mrs. Camacho with three of her students
Mrs. Ramirez and Mrs. Camacho with several students wearing their folk attire
Banner of the different hispanic nationalities of the students
two girls wearing Hispanic Heritage shirts and wearing a small flag of their nation
three girls seated in front of a Rafael Yuste poster board
Mrs. Camacho and her class
boy and girl by their presentation by the numbers
two boys by their research on rafael yuste
two girls by presentation mario molina
group of children standing up and holding their native flag
three students explaining their research findings
boy talking about his part of the research
all the students grouped together signing
group of students signing
two female students with Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Rojas, and Mr. Hurtado
girl with her monica lozano presentation
boy with mario vargas llosa research
boy with his research on joseph medina
boy with presentation about joe quesada
boy with his presenation on israel seinuk
girl with presentation on isabel allende
girl with presentation on maria hinojosa
two boys with their research presentation
girl with digital presentation on jose garces
girl girl with presentation on bill richardson
boy with presentation on richard cayazos
boy with presentation on lauro cavasos
boy with presentation on hispanic american
boy with presentation on teacher from lean on me
girl with presentation on silvia mendez
students seating at tables with their flags and talking to teachers
boy with presentation on US veteran
two students with Mrs. Carmen
group of students with supervisor hurtado, Mrs. Rojas, District Supervisor Garcia and Mrs. Carmen
female student with Mr. Spano each holding the peace sign
Mrs. Fernandez and her class with an aide
Mr. Navarro a male student and Mrs. Fernandez
Mrs. Camacho, aide, Mrs. Fernandez, and another teacher
UC school officer asking students about their research board
teacher with two male students
male teacher with Mrs. Fernandez
Bilingual At Risk Supervisor Mrs. Rojas with two male students
two female students with Mrs. Fernandez
Felix De Garcia with three Students in front of the entryway
girl with presentation on a cook