Photo Album

plate of fresh fruit in the shape of a turkey
Ms. Ventura carving the turkey breast from a large crockpot
close up of a orangish thanksgiving decorated cake
close up of a stuffed large turkey
Principal Aleman carving a large turkey
close up of a pecan pie with plastic fork on top
group photo of the Bilingual teachers, admin, and aides with parent liaison and some students
full shot of the celebration in the gym with the tables decorated and students eating while teachers are serving food at the long table
close up of the teachers serving food to the students
close up of the students being served food
four boys seated together at a table enjoying a good meal
supervisor Rojas serving a student food
long view of children being served food by teachers
Ms. Martinez shredding turkey breast
full picture of everyone in the gym eating
group of students seated at a table eating food and having a good time
boy sitting at a table smiling
students lined up and getting food from the head table while mr. hurtado looks on
boy caring a full plate of food to his table
a girl serving her friend a piece of turkey to try
two teachers happily serving turkey
kids on line smiling while getting food online
all different types of foods like fried plantains, tamales, ceviche, empanadas, fried salami, etc. and accompanying sauces
desert table with an apple, pumpkin, pecan pie, and two different cakes
Mrs. Martinez showing off the delicious sides at her table
group of boys sharing some time at the table together
girls enjoying a meal together
two boys reading a poem they wrote for the Thanksgiving Luncheon
close up of a boy reading his poem
Principal Mr. Aleman talking to the children at the luncheon
group photo of all the kids sitting at different tables
group photo of the teachers, aides, supervisor