Emerson Students Drawings Brings Peace and Love to Middle Eastern Children

Under the tutelage of Ms. Wenz, Art teacher at Emerson Middle School, her students joined others in the worldwide “Memory Project” effort.  The Memory Project was founded by Ben Schumaker in 2004 as a means to help children living in difficult situations. He realized these children had few special personal belongings, so he drew portraits of them to give as special gifts. This helped build instant international connections through art.

Ms. Wenz’s students received photos of young Syrian children and created lovely portraits that brought joy to these suffering children a world away. The portraits created at Emerson Middle School were so successful that they assigned additional students as well as teachers to create portraits for these children by the end of May.  A waiting list has begun. The Union City school district is so proud that our students have brought tremendous joy to a suffering area, and we look forward to spreading the gift of art to additional countries in the years to come.

two girls working on the scale of their portraits          portrait and pictures side by side of a Syrian girl


a boy and a girl side by side coloring in their portrait of Syrian children     girl coloring in her portrait of a Syrian girl

Memory Project Album