Emerson Students Win Big at the Annual Union City Science Fair

Emerson students received many awards at this past Saturdays Union City Science Fair at the Jose Marti Freshman Academy.
First place winners on stage         
EMS girl who researched Growing Slow, its the way they grow       FIRST PLACE 7-8 GRADE WINNERS:
       Gabriela B. -  7
       Dalia E. - 7
       Izabella H. - 7
       Kendall P. - 8
       Yasmeena E. - 8
       Savannah R. - 8 
      Charlize D. - 6
       Diego V. 6 - 6
       Nelson W. - 6
       Mia C. - 7 
                                             Giselle A. - 8 
EMS boy who researched energy that makes cents       Karla I. - 8 
       Kimberly M. - 8
       Briseida N. - 8 
    These accomplishments are possible because of the incredible effort and dedication these students
     have exhibited.
     Thank you to all their Science Teachers for motivating them and guiding them.
      A special thank you to Mr. Figueroa for his role as Science Fair Coach.  He has been an instrumental
      catalyst to these students and a dedicated mentor.
      Congratulations to ALL winners.