21st. CCLC Grant

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The 21st CCLC Grant, which is a competitive grant, has been implemented in the  Union City School District for the past five years. This newly awarded grant funds after school programs at four sites: Emerson Middle School, George Washington School,  Gilmore School, and Union Hill Middle School The grant services students in grades 4 through 8, as well as their families.

 The 21st CCLC Grant provides for both a summer and school year program. The school year program, which operates five days per week, from 3:00-6:00, offers a diverse array of activities. These activities include academics, social and emotional learning, character education, recreation, cultural and artistic classes, youth development activities, and literacy related activities for families.

Through work with a variety of collaborators, the 21st CCLC Program provides high-quality educational and enrichment programs that will enable students to improve academic achievement and promote positive behavior and appropriate social interaction with peers and adults.
In summary, the 21st CCLC Program hopes to enhance the lives of our students, their parents, and our community through diverse and creative experiences beyond the school day.